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Applied research

The Internationales DLG-Pflanzenbauzentrum (International DLG Crop Production Center, IPZ) serves to foster application-oriented crop production research and its transfer to farming as one element of competitive, forward-looking and sustainable agriculture.

Technical tests

Agricultural machinery tests – technical process comparisons dealing e.g. with soil tillage, sowing technology or harvesting tests – in the open air on IPZ land prepared according to standardised parameters extensively enhance the meaningfulness of the results.

Open-air events

Open-air events and demonstration projects - DLG-Feldtage took place at the IPZ in 2012 and 2014. Events involving the experimental cultivation of durum wheat, spelt and emmer wheat are also currently underway. Further formats for open-air events are under development.

Advanced training

The IPZ is set to become an important future location for the DLG Academy. Equal focus is placed on the advanced training of future agribusiness entrepreneurs and on applied issues of practical crop production.


The IPZ platform is being used to develop various communication projects. One of these activities includes our involvement in the historic harvest festival together with our local partners.

Our offers for you

Make use of the advantages offered by the IPZ's location. Make use of our facilities for events, guided tours of our experiments, land and services for open-air trials.