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The IPZ is part of the DLG Competence Center Agriculture (Fachzentrum Landwirtschaft). Approximately 20 DLG expert committees are related to the IPZ and are involved in the development of suitable research projects.



The IPZ is located in Saxony-Anhalt on the southern edge of the Magdeburger Börde region, between Halle and Magdeburg directly on the A14 motorway in the immediate vicinity of the Strenzfeld campus of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the Saxony-Anhalt State Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture.


The location is characterised by the rain shadow of the Harz Mountains. At an altitude of 80 metres above sea level, the average annual precipitation is 511 mm and the average annual temperature is 10.1 °C.


The predominant soil type is loess-black earth with a usable field capacity of 250 mm and 65-94 soil points. The soil type can be described as silty loam (uL) with shares of clay: 22 %, silt: 70 %, sand: 8 %. The inclination is flat and the pH is slightly above neutral.


The site has its own technology for tillage, cultivation, fertilisation, crop protection and harvesting.

It is supplemented by co-operative use of the field trial technology of the site partners Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Campus in Strenzfeld and the State Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture, as well as by external trial service providers.

Cultivation plan for 2023

DLG Certificate of Sustainability

The International DLG Crop Production Center received the DLG Certificate of Sustainability for the third time consecutively, after 2014 and 2018.