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Our offers for you

In addition to its own activities, the Internationales DLG-Pflanzenbauzentrum (IPZ) also offers you the opportunity to make use of the advantages provided by its location. 

We also look forward to joint activities with universities, either for investigations within our trial activities or joint project proposals as well as independent work undertaken in cooperation.

We offer the following for this:

  • Facilities for events
  • Guided tours of our trials
  • Land and services for open-air trials 

Current offers for bachelor and master theses:

Crop rotation system comparison

  • Suitability of hybrid wheat for cultivation in the dry region of central Germany following various previous crops
  • Comparison of two sowing dates in winter wheat cultivation in terms of plant health, crop dynamics and yield performance
  • CO2 footprints of various crop rotations or crops
  • Influence of various crop rotation systems on the development of organic matter in the soil
  • Comparison of sugar beet and rapeseed together in 6-field crop rotation or separately in two 3-field crop rotations in terms of yield, quality and cost effectiveness
  • Calculation and comparison of the nitrogen efficiency of various cash crop rotations

Irrigation trial:

Mulch sowing, strip tillage and direct sowing

  • Influence of different tillage systems on the soil temperature in silage maize
  • Abundance of weeds under the influence of various tillage systems
  • Influence of different tillage systems on the soil water balance in winter wheat
  • Comparison of the suitability of two varieties after the previous crop, rapeseed and maize, for cultivation in different tillage systems
  • Influence of different tillage systems on the microbial biomass in the soil
  • Comparison of a winter rape - winter wheat - silage maize - winter wheat crop rotation in terms of yield, costs and performance using different soil cultivation system variants
  • Influence of tillage on soil penetration resistance


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