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System comparison: irrigation


Development of the location-adapted fully automatic real-time process optimisation of solar-powered irrigation in Saxony-Anhalt's agriculture. The location-adapted fully automatic, real-time process optimisation of solar-powered irrigation in the regional agriculture of Saxony-Anhalt is the content of the joint IrriMode project, which is being sponsored by the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt in the context of the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI).

The project is intended to form the basis for strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises in Saxony-Anhalt and for integrating the irrigation process even more extensively into the SMART FARMING model. Compliance with and the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (EU WFD 2000), Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and the Fertiliser Ordinance should therefore be facilitated. This will therefore make a significant contribution to resource-efficient, sustainable agriculture.

The water demand in agriculture is to be adapted to the location and optimised fully automatically by means of a real-time process system. Thanks to this system, short-term environmental influences can be taken into consideration directly when irrigating land used for agricultural purposes. The objective of the project is yield maximisation and the minimisation of economic costs and harmful environmental impacts.

Experimental set-up

On the Westerfeld field, plots with subsurface irrigation covering 2 ha with soy bean and winter wheat crops


Demonstration of the technical and economic possibilities of drip irrigation above and below ground for arable row and surface crops in cooperation with Netafim

Experimental set-up

Field: Westerfeld, plots with subsurface irrigation covering 2 ha (repeated twice), plots with above-ground irrigation covering 1 ha (repeated four times)


  • 16 plots with subsurface drip irrigation and winter rapeseed, winter wheat, silage maize, winter wheat crop rotation
  • 8 plots with above-ground drip irrigation with sugar beet and silage maize


Three-inch head station:

  • Pressure reducing valve: Bermad IR-420-R 3"
  • Disc filter: Arkal Leader filter 3"
  • Water meter: Woltmann IRT 3" with optoelectronic measurement
  • Fertiliser infeed: Venturi injector 2" (Qmax=12 m³/h) as a bypass installation

1½" sub-distribution:

  • 18 valves: Aquanet Plus 1½" with pressure regulation and pressure measuring point
  • 16 kinetic aeration and ventilation valves K10 Kinetic ¾"

Drip system lines with a capacity of 2 mm/h:

  • Below ground approx. 10,000 m pressure-compensating drip line
  • UNIRAMTM 16012 AS 1.0 l/h, dripper spacing 50 cm
  • Above ground approx. 5,000 m pressure-compensating drip line
  • Dripnet PCTM 22250 1.0 l/h, dripper spacing 50 cm

Light summation-dependent control:

  • Control unit: Netafim - NMC-DC (power supply via solar panel)
  • Light summation measurement using pyranometer (W/m²)


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