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System comparison: soil tillage from 2012 to 2020


System comparison for strip cultivation, mulching and direct sowing and investigation of the long-term effects of consistent strip cultivation and fertiliser application

Experimental set-up

Field: Holstein 1, trial scope: 96 plots, 12 ha
Two-factor variation

  • Factor 1, large plot: crop type
  • Factor 2, small plot: soil tillage variant

Crop rotation: winter rapeseed - winter wheat - silage maize - winter wheat
Trial duration: 2012 – 2020 (8 harvesting years)

Harvesting site plan

Numbers reflect the variants.

Variants (soil tillage and fertilisation)

1. Mulching sowing, all crops (standard)

2. Strip cultivation for rapeseed and maize, mulching sowing for cereals

3. Strip cultivation for all crops, cereals are drilled into the loosened row using a double share

4. Like 2, P/K fertilisation for soil tillage in the row

5. Like 3, P/K fertilisation for soil tillage in the row

6. Direct sowing


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