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ATLAS project

Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System

The Internationales DLG-Pflanzenbauzentrum, IPZ, is part of the ATLAS digitalisation project sponsored by the European Union that was kicked off on 1 October 2019.

The objective of the three-year ATLAS project is to enable a new level of interoperability for farmers, i.e. the cooperation of various agricultural machinery, sensor and data service systems whose compatibility is still dissatisfactory to date. The data platform arising from the ATLAS project will enable farmers to retain full data sovereignty and to decide who they wish to share these data with and at which point.

One of five European innovation hubs that will serve as demonstration and information platforms for the results produced in the ATLAS project is being established at the IPZ in the course of this process. Together with the AEF Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation, the DLG-IPZ is developing the requirements needed by agricultural machinery and sensor manufacturers to establish data-controlled agriculture. The IPZ is also coordinating the establishment of the innovation hubs and is involved in the open calls. These open calls are used for the additional integration of innovative companies in the agricultural or technical sectors into the joint ATLAS project in order to also incorporate new developments while the project is running.


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