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Open-air events & demonstrations

The ICP offers ideal prerequisites for open-air events and demonstrations.

DLG-Feldtage took place at the ICP in 2012, 2014 and 2018.
In 2018, over 20,000 visitors took the opportunity to obtain information about innovative crop production at the IPZ site. What was so far the best result in the history of DLG-Feldtage was achieved with 410 exhibitors - an increase of 11 percent.
The unique range of information that was available for the first time under a single guiding theme ('Crop Production 2030 – Productivity. Innovations. Strategies.') offered farmers orientation for adjusting their production methods and attracted great attention amongst the visitors.

Organised by Saale Mühle and Dresdner Mühle together with BARO Lagerhaus, the 'Profi- und Praxistag Getreide' (cereal professional and practical day) additionally takes place every two years. Here, over 150 visitors find out about all that is new in the field of durum wheat, spelt and emmer wheat cultivation. A visit to the separately set-up trials is also a firm part of the day's agenda. Discussions between growers, consultants and the processing industry are equally in the foreground as regards seed rates and the choice of variety as they are when dealing with the question of the optimum fertilisation strategy and the use of growth regulators and fungicides.

The infrastructure offers agricultural machinery manufacturers options for demonstrating technical innovations to their customers both in presentations and also live on the ICP's land in the context of an exclusive field day.


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