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U.S.-German Forum Future Agriculture

Transatlantic exchange for sustainable agriculture

Contents and goals

The US-German Forum Future Agriculture was initiated by the Aspen Institute Germany and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign USA. The goal is to promote transatlantic dialogue on agriculture and rural development and to find innovative solutions to jointly shape the path to a more sustainable agricultural future.

The project consists of two groups of 16 participants each, who exchange ideas virtually and in person. Farmers are mainly involved, but other stakeholders from research, science and industry also support the project. The focus is on the social, political and economic relevance of agriculture in rural areas.

Each programme year focuses on a core topic:

In 2023 the focus was on climate, with participants from the field of arable farming in eastern Germany and the US Corn Belt being included. In 2024, the focus is on digitalisation and connects participants in cattle and dairy farming from north-west Germany and the north-east of the USA.

The goal is to establish and strengthen transatlantic relations, exchange experience and also see and experience good professional practice on site. In addition, innovative solutions for sustainable agricultural and a rural future are to be developed through the establishment of transatlantic networks.


Task of the DLG

The main task of the DLG representative in this project is to make recommendations on the key issues and possible innovative solutions. This also includes a constant exchange with the respective partners and participation in meetings to help shape and strengthen the transatlantic relationship.


Transatlantic Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany European Recovery Programme (ERP) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection


Project partner

Latest news

Publications in the DLG members' newsletter (only in German language):

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Project duration

From February 2022 to September 2024