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Pooling knowledge for ecological restoration to maximise the benefits for nature and people

TEAM#UP supports the benefits of ecological restoration to preserve biodiversity and strengthen ecosystems against climate change. These measures are to be intensified within the framework of European training. To this end, the project is expanding and designing curricula at the European level and training professionals to solve environmental problems and protect themselves from the effects of climate change.


Contents and goals

The TEAM#UP project aims to utilise knowledge and skills in the field of ecological restoration to close existing gaps in green vocational training. The goal is to halt the progressive loss of biodiversity and the degradation of habitats, while at the same time strengthening the resilience of ecosystems to the effects of climate change.

TEAM#UP contributes to broadening educational goals, showing new perspectives and actively shaping curricula at the European level. Professionals are trained and educated to teach how environmental problems can be solved and how protection against the effects of climate change works. The project brings together schools, practitioners and key stakeholders to share knowledge and resources. There is also a useful Digital Ecological Restoration Toolbox (DERTO) that people around the world can use.


Task of the DLG

The main task of the DLG is to contribute comprehensive expertise in the field of agriculture and to sharpen the practical view of the planned implementations.


Project partners

Project duration

From June 2023 to June 2027