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Advanced training

Together with the DLG-Akademie, the IPZ offers the platform for providing advanced and further training to farmers and agricultural industry companies. Besides conveying basic knowledge and the latest research results, our international work is also focussed on the advanced training of future agribusiness entrepreneurs. To achieve this, workshops, seminars and congresses are conducted together with our partners:

DLG crop production congresses

A presentation event took place in 2011 and 2015 under the mottos 'Humus – Black Gold?! – Keeping an Eye on Soil Fertility' and 'Arable Farming Systems – Combining Moves to Form a Strategy'.

Smart Farming Workshop

Here, a selected group of manufacturers, scientists, agricultural machinery representatives, testing locations and farmers discussed the basic principles of optical measurement and sensor systems as well as their use in practice. Practical relevance is the maxim here!


Young Chinese professionals who are being prepared in Germany for future tasks in the agribusiness were able to extend their professional knowledge at the IPZ thanks to the Sino-German Trainee Programme, a cooperation project being undertaken by DLG together with the Chinese and German Ministries of Agriculture as well as the Center of International Cooperation & Service (CICOS) in Beijing.
Employees from the Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia) also obtained information about organisational measures for ensuring the quality of work in field trials and about current field trial technology issues. Here, they learned valuable tips and found out how to handle the field trial technology for the International Field Days in the Volga Region that take place at the Tatar research farm in Bolshye Kabany.

Field day on the topic of irrigation

In 2019, dozens of visitors obtained information about the innovative method of subsurface drip irrigation in agricultural crops.

Learn more about the irrigation field day from 2019.


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